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About Sports Betting In Montana

Is Online Sports Betting Legal In Montana?

Montana is one of the few select destinations in the United States that can legally offer state sponsored sportsbook options to their residents. Though they are legally exempt from the PASPA law which outlaws sports betting in most of the US, they have chosen to make state based sports betting illegal at this time. They have also expressly made online sports betting that is based in the state a crime as well. Though these state laws do not apply to legally licensed and regulated offshore sportsbooks, state laws would support the potential arrest of those who participate, though there have been no such instances or cases where any type of law enforcement has targeted sports bettors of online gambling. Most state and federal laws focus on the operation of sports betting businesses, and not the bettors.

Because of the contradictory situation here in Montana, bettors will have to determine what options they feel comfortable with. There are some legal state based sports related gambling options that are available as tab games, fantasy sports leagues and various sports pools. In these types of sports gambling opportunities, players are betting against each other instead of betting against the house. There are also several legally sanctioned offshore sportsbooks that are licensed and certified to provide their services to players around the world, including those in Montana and the US in general. US federal and state laws do not apply to these types of destinations. The industry's leading brands are listed in this guide and provide a secure and licensed environment for betting on sports for Montana residents. More information can be found in our Montana sports betting laws section.

What is the Legal Gambling Age in Montana?

Players only have to be a minimum of 18 years of age in order to legally participate in the state's gambling industry options. The licensed sportsbooks recommended in this guide that accept bettors from Montana also require a minimum age of 18 in order to participate in their sports betting offerings.

Montana Sports Teams To Bet On

Collegiate athletic programs make up the lion's share of sports teams in the state. Montana's college football teams are strongly support throughout the state, and offer fans some strong action with both Division I football teams in the state boasting national titles. The state's NCAA Division I teams are covered in the betting lines at our recommended sportsbook brands through competitive betting odds that are in line with the Vegas bookmakers. The two Division I athletic programs in Montana college sports teams include the Montana Grizzlies of the University of Montana and the Montana State Bobcats from Montana State University. The 2 links provided offer all sorts of information about these Montana sports teams including news, up to date scores and more.

Betting Trends of Montana Sports

As we research sports teams in the state of Montana, we can find next to nothing. The state does have a few D1 collegiate teams, but they're not the least bit competitive and thus wouldn't draw a gambler's attentions at all. So, instead of thinking about sports when we see Montana, our mind is drawn to former 49ers QB Joe Montana.

Montana is almost universally considered the greatest QB to ever play. He has four Super Bowl rings in four appearances, and basically set the precedent for the West-Coast offense, which teams still emulate to this day. Montana was also good ATS for gamblers. But why was he so deadly in games?

Why Montana Was So Good Against the Spread (ATS)

There was a lot to research here, and it was from a very long time ago, but as best we can tell, Joe Montana's 49ers teams were about 70% ATS over the course of his playing career with San Francisco. We apologize to Montanans here that your state doesn't have any sports teams. But since they don't, we would like to take this opportunity to tell you why the most famous Montana in NFL history was so great against the spread.

1: The Spread Offense was Innovative

Bill Walsh brought in the West-Coast offense and Montana was the perfect QB to run it. This offense is all about spreading receivers out, having slot receivers, having the tight end go out for a pass instead of blocking, and having everyone run short, quick routes that leave the field open. This offense is fast-paced and enabled Montana and the 49ers to score in bunches. They were so good ATS because they could score at will, evidenced by their famous Super Bowl comebacks.

2: The Heart of a Champion

You couldn't keep Montana down in a game. Even if they were losing by three touchdowns, you could bank on Montana bringing them back to within a single score. Even if they lost, it was rare that they'd actually get blown out. If a team was favored by two touchdowns against the 49ers, you may as well bet on Joe to cover. He had too much heart to get blown out. Although having a 3-13 season in 1982, which initiated trade rumors that would enable the Broncos to take John Elway out of Stanford, Walsh realized he had a champion, and the 49ers never had another season like that again.

3: Joe was Tough as Nails

It was hard to beat the 49ers or close on them because they always had Montana out on the field. No matter how much punishment he took, he always seemed to be in the game in the final minutes. The ability of the 49ers to score, primarily with Montana and Rice, only worked so long as Joe was on the field. Seeing as he wasn't a very mobile QB, he was often a target for big defensive players. Despite the punishment, he got up and played.

4: Oddsmakers were Gentle

You wouldn't find a lot of oddsmakers making the 49ers 21 point favorites or putting them as dogs by more than 10 points. The ranges were more realistic back then. Today, with so many betting options and so many oddsmaker gimmicks used to induce two-sided action, you will find some outlandish spreads. Joe and San Fran typically had to work within a two-TD frame, so nothing got away.

These are the things you should look for when betting with or against the spread. Find out about the team's QB, their ability to score, and always focus on the size of the spread. You're better off going low than going high.